www.pitch101.com has produced a talk show entitled: Shark Hunter Kids/sharkhunterkids.com. It is a talk show that gets children involved
by posting their photographs and fish caught by them. Richard Q'zeromen the primary host of www.pitch101.com will call the registered
Member and do a short interview by studio-line. This compilation will inspire young people to get actively involved in the fishing sport.

Young's Tackle of La Palma, CA, had the vision to join www.pitch101.com on this endeavor. Providing tackle and fishing accessories to the
local fishermen in the area, they authorized www.pitch101.com to use their name and resources in the campaign. It is with great pleasure
that we advertise and promote Young's Tackle for their efforts. Advertisers are free to place Banner Ads at www.pitch101.com, which will be
Broadcasting 'Shark Hunter Kids'. We placed a 'segment mirror' on Young's Tackle where our Advertisers made comments about the
exciting new program. Please feel free to come to www.pitch101.com, or get the latest scoop at: youngstackle.com.
Hosted by: Richard Q'zeromen and Co-Hosted by: Mac Mcleod
On-Line Radio Station: www.pitch101.com
Sponsored by: Youngs Tackle/youngstackle.com
MAC MCLEOD - Fisherman extraordinaire. Nicknamed: Mac 'Daddy'.
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